Our Journey

 '' With beauty, with love, with appreciation. Moneoux will always be your friend, your best friend.''


A year ago, a team of beautiful people decided to quit their job and begin the journey of their dream. After many struggles, after many fights, and many disagreements. Moneoux has grown into the brand we once dreamed of. We've noticed a pattern. If you believe in yourself and are passionate about what you're doing, and treating your customers as a family. You will be heading towards your goals.

Our journey started with what we'd like to call ''the month of inspiration'' - We put all of our thoughts, ideas, and desires upon a vision board. And decided to make all of them come thru. We knew that it would be impossible to do it all by ourselves. And that's why we decided to let you guys participate in Moneoux future. We let you discuss, give us ideas and thoughts, to create a more reliable path for us to aim at. Without your help, we would fall flat. Thank you. for that, by the way.

After we decided to hire our fans as our assistants, things looked even brighter. The community grew rapidly and we had plenty of ideas that we wanted to share with everyone. As painful as it was, we had to outline what we needed to do and when. We, unfortunately, couldn't release everything at the same time! 

But after some time. things started to plan out. We got ourselves more help, from you and from employees, to help us further. It was very helpful, and now we're constantly helping and updating our community on releases and discounts. Together we are stronger.