Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my jewelry to arrive?

Firstly, we'd need to process your order to make sure that everything is handled correctly. That could take up to 3 days, especially during hot seasons. Overall, shipping is usually within 4 weeks.

How do I make sure the quality of the items lasts long?

In such case, be careful with the jewelry. Take it off before going to bed, or before taking a bath and even when going swimming. Sterling silver will eventually tarnish with normal wear. Gold fill may also tarnish, but at a much slower rate. 

To clean, we'd use a jewelry polishing cloth. If you do not own one, a soft toothbrush with gentle soap would do the job perfectly as well!

Can you rush my order?

Yes, if needed. This will come at an extra cost. If you are willing to pay extra, contact us before and we'll make sure everything works. :)

How can I make sure this is legit?

We offer a free refund if items are not as described, and the payment process is 100% secure. There is no need to worry!